From the first day I started with Dr.Shirk I was treated like family. He explained everything thorough and what to expect from each treatment. Dr. Shirk not only does my chiropractic care but also ultrasound therapy and acupuncture. They will let you know your insurance allowances that day and don’t pressure you into any commitments. Its hard to find comfort and great care. I highly recommend Acute Care Chiropractic! !

Christina Bier

I have been a patient of Dr. Greg Shirk for twenty-one years. He is an excellent doctor, very professional, caring, and compassionate. Unlike many chiropractors, who have money-oriented goals, Dr. Shirk is an humanitarian whose main goal is helping people. When I count my blessings, Dr. Greg Shirk is among them. His excellent care during the past twenty-one years has greatly enhanced my quality of life! THANK YOU DR. GREG SHIRK!

Sherry Zuke

Dr Shirk has been our chiropractor since we moved to town in 2009. He is very kind and considerate in his personal dealings with us and highly competent. He can change the style of manipulation based on your own body needs. We recommend him to anyone in need of chiropractic care.

Mark Merches

I have always had very good sessions with Dr. Shirk. He takes time to really address the issues you are having and describes how the treatment should help you. Also, he will give you alternative recommendations for exercises you can do at home to help in your recovery.

James Torkelsol

Love the thorough attention you get. Definitely a family oriented business that makes you feel at home. Adjustments are never the same each time because Dr Shirk knows exactly what he is doing and you feel great when you leave!

Jolene Buttjer

This is a great place to go if you need a Chiropractor. He has helped me with several issues and it is so easy to get or change an appointment. Lisa always leaves a message as a reminder when to come in which is so helpful.

Vickie Cornick

We are a monthly adjustment family. It started with trust, I went to him first with a problem and Dr. Shirk treated it and encouraged me to visit specialist physicians when necessary. My pregnancy would not have been as pain free without his regular check ups and when our son was born, his knowledge was a God-send. We had a problem with his neck that pediatricians just could not help. After one adjustment on my new baby, (again, back to the trust thing… ;- ) things started looking back to normal by that same afternoon. My son has visited Dr. Shirk his whole life and I am convinced that some of his nagging issues (that we all have) have been lessened by working with Dr. Shirk.

Bria Hanig

Dr Shirk has helped me with several issues. He is a professional, caring, and a genuine guy. Lisa is also very friendly and welcoming. I would definitely recommend Acute Care Chiropractic.

Diane Tefft

My medical doctor referred me to Dr Shirk a few years ago, when all other pain remedies failed. A few months later I was pain free. Dr Shirk puts the patient first, not multiple visits, nor excessive charges. Just what’s needed. He and his staff are a real blessing!

Mary Stevens

Dr. Shirk listens to me and always makes adjustments that make me feel great! The office is very welcoming, and they make every effort to squeeze me in if I need an extra adjustment.

Jeannie Patras

Really appreciated the thorough explanation of the diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Shirk did not try to sign me up for 20 visits right away, but advised me to wait and wee how I did with 5 treatments before I made any long term commitments. I saw some relief after 2 treatments.

Deborah Sharp

I had been suffering from back pain for 6 months . My medical doctor just gave me medication that masked the pain. I went to two other chiropractors who seemed more interested in rushing me through the treatment to get to the next patient. They never really examined me to know what was wrong. A friend recommended Dr. Shirk. I hesitated because I thought he would be like the others. I am glad I took the chance. He examined me and even without an x-ray was able to explain to me in terms I understood what was wrong. He was able to give me lasting relief in four or five treatments.

reg Shirk

I have been going here for many years and very pleased with Dr. Shirk and his abilities. Gotten to know him and his wife and kids so well they are like family.

mark ziemann

Dr. Shirk keeps me walking without limping. In addition, when I’m experiencing muscular-skeletal-nerve pain/discomfort he answers my questions and explains what’s going on, and gets my body back in shape to keep me walking, hiking, and gardening.

Life@Work Coach

I’m very satisfied with the care I have received from Dr. Shirk and the staff is always very pleasant and helpful.

Jan Ask

Dr. Shirk cares about his patients, treats them with respect, and takes great care in how he does each treatment according to our needs.

Phyllis Lease

Dr. Greg has done wonders for me. If you need Chiropractic service in the area, this a a great place to go!

Karen M. Day

I have been going to Dr. Shirk since he came to Mason City, 21 years ago.I want to thank him for keeping me healthy and keeping my body in line.I would recommend him for health issue problems or adjustments to anyone.

Marilyn Broers

Dr. Shirk diagnosed my dislocated shoulder without even touching me, after another Mason City chiropractor had been treating me for six months for a “frozen shoulder.” Dr. Shirk fixed it in just a few treatments.

Fran DeGroote

Very Good and Very accommodating!

claris brown